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We're going to be in a documentary

Check out this video of a vest getting made, in the Wilga Menswear studio in Kallista. This is a clip from the forthcoming documentary 600 Mills by Martin Wood.

Also in it, Leigh laments the loss of a culture of making and manufacturing, but briefly outlines the open source business model for Peak Oil Company.

We're still heading toward that model, aiming to get the patterns for the vest, jacket and gloves up by December. The idea being you can download the patterns for free, buy materials from us (or source your own), come in and use our machines (or use your own), and if you're ready and willing, sell through Peak Oil Company (or out on your own). The only proviso, strictly speaking, is that you share back any changes or improvements you make to the patterns.

This way, we hope to connect up a small community of makers and designers with a similar mission to Peak Oil Company. Here's to that! 

Jacket orders are progressing

It's been a busy winter so far, which is good for peakoilcompany but not so good for folks waiting for their orders. We're about 2 weeks behind, trying to catch up to the commitments. 

But we have made a start on the August orders. First off the ranks is a hand waxed red canvas jacket. 

This one has been a first off for us, and we've learned a lot in doing it. We definitely love the finish, are really happy with the wooden slot buttons, but getting to this finish has been quite time consuming. We need to build an oven for baking in the wax, freeing our hands away from the slow process of a hair drier. The oven needs only be a large wooden box with blow heaters directed into it. We'd melt the 1:1 bees wax and linseed oil as usual, applying it with a paint brush, but instead of baking the wax in with the hair drier (the way you might like to do it at home if you need to reproof any of your canvas), we'll hang it over night in the oven. If you need any wax btw, we're selling them for $15 a tin. A full and deep reproofing of a jacket needs up to two tins.

Next up on the jackets will be a classic dark brown lined with a lovely light brown wool pattern weave lining sourced from the unique range of small metres along Sydney road.  

We're aiming to get this one finished this Saturday, at least as far as a final fitting, before we start on another first, the full kangaroo leather jacket! More updates on that later.. 

Finally, make sure you get out and enjoy the last of the winter fronts, bringing snow showers that settle into crisp, longer sunny days. Australian snow country is truly unique, and might be a rare sight in the future. Go back country though, snow shoes or touring skis. Its the best way to experience the haunting beauty of Ghost and Snow gums, or the burnt out Mount Ash giants, towering above snow dusted regrowth.

ghost snow gums

That completes the July orders

We're finishing the last of the July 2016 sheepskin vests this weekend, clearing the cutting table to start on a range of jackets ordered for the August run. 

Leigh with two happy customers taking their vests from the July manufacturing run

Leigh with two happy customers taking their vests from the July manufacturing run

August is going to be another busy month on the machine, with orders on several oilskin jackets, wool liners and a start on the first leather coat made from at least 6 burgundy veg tanned kangaroo skins! 

And what about the gauntlet mittens? Once again designed for the backcountry skiing, these mittens are a waxed canvas and kangaroo skin outer with removable wool mitten liners. 

Zippers, binding and kanga leather has arrived

The metal zippers by YKK and the waxed canvas bias binding has arrived. It's already halfway through July! We better get cutting if we're going to get all the June vest orders made by August!! A few jacket orders have thrown out the schedule a bit. Really looking forward to finishing this batch of vests, with the newly sourced skins, and a few blacks, the vests are entering a new level of quality. 

Sheepskins have arrived

This month we brought down merino skins from Queensland and they are exceptional. The leather is strong and clean, and the fleece is silky ivory with a golden brown tone that can only be the iron ore of the desert country...

With a new sized waxed canvas binding, and trying out some brown oilskin against some black sheepskins, we're really looking forward to sewing up the July batch. 

Thanks to the June orders for patiently waiting for this month's making to start. the wait will be well worth it!

Getting ready for making in July

Awesome trip back country, Mt St Gwinear to Baw Baw and back, stopping for a few hours on the lifts. 16km round trip. Had the Gwinear Shelter all to ourselves, for a nice and comfy sleep before heading out. Snowed the whole time!

The end of June is approaching, and the first of the Antarctic fronts are roaring across the high country. The wind is driving sleet and snow into every crevice, and scouring the open plains above the snow gums. 

We've ordered our largest batch of sheepskins, kangaroo skins, and waxed canvas yet. In July you'll find us in Kallista, by the warmth of a wood burner, cutting and sewing the Sheepskin Vests and Oilskin Jackets that were ordered in June.

(We're hoping to get a few days out in the back country too - test out a wall tent with firebox and hot tub we've been working on!)

It's not too late to get a June order in, for a July make. Otherwise the orders start again in July for an August make. 

Old blog made new again

Well, maybe we should keep the old blog going. Not only does it help to look back over old notes, it works in with the newsletter service to keep subscribers in the loop. We'll post a bunch of backdated updates to fill in the gaps from all the years let go, but don't worry, they won't flood your inbox...

Field testing jackets, pants, gloves and sheepskin vest - Hotham falls

Here's a video of a recent trip outback of Hotham for 2 days. We took a jacket, pants, gloves and sheepskin vest into cold, wet and windy snow conditions.

The sheepskin was awesome! It sure got wet, but only the outside. The wool fleece remained dry and warm - it really is amazing to wear.
The jacket, pants and gloves cut the wind, sleet, snow and rain well. A simple rubbing of bee's wax on key areas like shoulders, arms and seams, made certain of it. The zips in the pants vented the leg well. Will be adding braces.
Really pleased with the performance all round.

Peak Oil Jacket prototype

The Peak Oil Jacket is custom fitted to your measurements and designed for activity in conditions where function, comfort, modest style, protection and durability are of equal importance.

Made from oilskin, wool and kangaroo leather, this jacket ensures a dry and breathable wear, with a tough yet subtle feel.

The hood gives a generous cover in oilskin lined with wool. A wool and oilskin cuff draws close around the face, ensuring warmth, wind resistance and unobscured peripheral vision.

Mr Treslonian's wood gasifier to syngas generator

Check out Mr Treslonian's youtube channel!

The guy is running a 4000 watt generator on syngas produced from a bucket load of sticks cooked in a homemade wood gasifier. Oh, he's distilling bio fuel from it as well.

The hour long featured video says it all. Probably the best hour long video you've ever seen! It just keeps mounting awesomeness upon awesomeness

All he needs now is a Peak Oil Jacket.

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