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Jacket orders are progressing

It's been a busy winter so far, which is good for peakoilcompany but not so good for folks waiting for their orders. We're about 2 weeks behind, trying to catch up to the commitments. 

But we have made a start on the August orders. First off the ranks is a hand waxed red canvas jacket. 

This one has been a first off for us, and we've learned a lot in doing it. We definitely love the finish, are really happy with the wooden slot buttons, but getting to this finish has been quite time consuming. We need to build an oven for baking in the wax, freeing our hands away from the slow process of a hair drier. The oven needs only be a large wooden box with blow heaters directed into it. We'd melt the 1:1 bees wax and linseed oil as usual, applying it with a paint brush, but instead of baking the wax in with the hair drier (the way you might like to do it at home if you need to reproof any of your canvas), we'll hang it over night in the oven. If you need any wax btw, we're selling them for $15 a tin. A full and deep reproofing of a jacket needs up to two tins.

Next up on the jackets will be a classic dark brown lined with a lovely light brown wool pattern weave lining sourced from the unique range of small metres along Sydney road.  

We're aiming to get this one finished this Saturday, at least as far as a final fitting, before we start on another first, the full kangaroo leather jacket! More updates on that later.. 

Finally, make sure you get out and enjoy the last of the winter fronts, bringing snow showers that settle into crisp, longer sunny days. Australian snow country is truly unique, and might be a rare sight in the future. Go back country though, snow shoes or touring skis. Its the best way to experience the haunting beauty of Ghost and Snow gums, or the burnt out Mount Ash giants, towering above snow dusted regrowth.

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