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Mr Treslonian's wood gasifier to syngas generator

Check out Mr Treslonian's youtube channel!

The guy is running a 4000 watt generator on syngas produced from a bucket load of sticks cooked in a homemade wood gasifier. Oh, he's distilling bio fuel from it as well.

The hour long featured video says it all. Probably the best hour long video you've ever seen! It just keeps mounting awesomeness upon awesomeness

All he needs now is a Peak Oil Jacket.

The Australian Flag, in Event Horizon

Event Horizon is not a bad film, but few seem to have seen it. It flopped when it came out, but has apparently become a bit of a cult film now days. Hit the Bay and grab it, it's worth seeing.

As a bit of trivia, and the reason we're posting about it, the crew wear national flags with future political signs. Sam Neill, representing Australia (but probably should have been NZ) sports a flag with the Aboriginal flag in place of the Jack.

We're reconsidering our aversion to Velcro and thinking to place it in key places on some jackets. We'd then produce a range of patches people might like to attach, from removable reflectors to political statements like these.

Swags for the Homeless, Backpack Bed

Image from the NSW Printer, C/o Wikimedia Commons
It's a good idea to try and integrate a bed and shelter into a backpack. We think everything you carry should have multiple functions, and be as simple as possible.

The swag - iconic Australian bed, shelter, and pack system - best known for what swagmen carried through the Depressions (1890 and 1930) (same as in the song Waltzing Matilda) is a classic design of multi function simplicity.

Swags for the Homeless has given the old swag an upgrade, supplying their product as a charity to people sleeping rough.

Here's a video explaining the features.

We've gone ahead and started developing our own version of the swag. Much much simpler, back to the origins, and designed to carry a pair of skis! The Peak Oil Ski Bag/swag/tent/pack.

Smile treck, Winston Fiore

Image from Camping in Taiwan,
but it probably comes from Winston's site somewhere

Google Maps recently posted an add using Winston Fiore's epic treck around South East Asia, raising money for cleft surgery.

It's a great cause, and a brave journey, but what really caught our eye is Winston's vest pack set up. Here he is talking through it before the trip:

There's a more static look at the set up on his site.

Clearly Winston's an innovator, and he's blog makes fascinating reading. I wonder if he'll take on somewhere in Australia next? It'd be great to see what he comes up with for that. For now though, we're pretty inspired by his current setup, and keen to have a go at adapting it into some Peak Oil Company design.. when we get to it, we'll update here and let Winston know.

Mad Bastards

Mad Bastards is a really nice film.

Here's the trailer on Youtube or Vimeo

TJ is a hard-edged Aboriginal man who's sick of scraping out an existence in the city.

He travels to the tiny frontier town of Five Rivers in search of his son. Upon his arrival, TJ is confronted by the equally tough local cop Texas... and so begins a story about hard men battling to do the right thing by their family.

The movie is steeped in the distinctive music of the Pigram Brothers in collaboration with multi-ARIA Award winner Alex Lloyd. Their lilting ukulele and mandolin melodies weave like a dream through the central story.

REAL PEOPLE with no acting experience play the lead roles. This brings a tremendous intimacy and freshness to the movie. Developed in close collaboration over many years with director Brendan Fletcher, the actors play characters based on their own lives. The stories are etched on their faces.

Powerful. Moving. Bold.

Pilgram Brothers "Moonlight" on Youtube

Greenpeace highlight toxic chemicals used in waterproofing

It has always been odd to us, just how far the outdoor clothing and equipment designs and fashions have separated people from the natural environments they seek to enjoy. Mountaineering tents and gear, designed and used for activities that most of us don't even come close to trying. We're all left feeling like a Neil Armstrong stepping out onto the moon from some alien craft, when all we're doing is camping out by a river streaming off a nice mountain in spring!

Now Greenpeace Germany has drawn attention to the toxicity in the chemicals used to waterproof this modern equipment, and we're reminded of another reason why Peak Oil Company is striving to find the right designs for safer, more user friendly clothing and equipment.  

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