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Mr Treslonian's wood gasifier to syngas generator

Check out Mr Treslonian's youtube channel!

The guy is running a 4000 watt generator on syngas produced from a bucket load of sticks cooked in a homemade wood gasifier. Oh, he's distilling bio fuel from it as well.

The hour long featured video says it all. Probably the best hour long video you've ever seen! It just keeps mounting awesomeness upon awesomeness

All he needs now is a Peak Oil Jacket.

Swags for the Homeless, Backpack Bed

Image from the NSW Printer, C/o Wikimedia Commons
It's a good idea to try and integrate a bed and shelter into a backpack. We think everything you carry should have multiple functions, and be as simple as possible.

The swag - iconic Australian bed, shelter, and pack system - best known for what swagmen carried through the Depressions (1890 and 1930) (same as in the song Waltzing Matilda) is a classic design of multi function simplicity.

Swags for the Homeless has given the old swag an upgrade, supplying their product as a charity to people sleeping rough.

Here's a video explaining the features.

We've gone ahead and started developing our own version of the swag. Much much simpler, back to the origins, and designed to carry a pair of skis! The Peak Oil Ski Bag/swag/tent/pack.

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