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Smile treck, Winston Fiore

Image from Camping in Taiwan,
but it probably comes from Winston's site somewhere

Google Maps recently posted an add using Winston Fiore's epic treck around South East Asia, raising money for cleft surgery.

It's a great cause, and a brave journey, but what really caught our eye is Winston's vest pack set up. Here he is talking through it before the trip:

There's a more static look at the set up on his site.

Clearly Winston's an innovator, and he's blog makes fascinating reading. I wonder if he'll take on somewhere in Australia next? It'd be great to see what he comes up with for that. For now though, we're pretty inspired by his current setup, and keen to have a go at adapting it into some Peak Oil Company design.. when we get to it, we'll update here and let Winston know.

Traditional Chinese Pants

Red Sorghum

A few of us own Thai Fisherman's Pants, and while we rarely, if ever, wear them out in public, we can agree they are by far the most comfortable pants we own.

Here's a pattern for making Thai Fisherman Pants.

So recently, while wearing these pants, Leigh was watching the movie Red Sorghum, and was pretty inspired by the version of pant the fellas wear in that movie. We can only refer to them as Traditional Chinese Pants, but others are associating them with Harem Pants. There are loads of how-tos out there for Harem Pants, but Katja at Of Dreams and Seams gives out a nice instruction for making Traditional Chinese Pants, and we can see from the zero waste in the fabric use, that she is onto the real thing.

Could we take a pattern for the Traditional Chinese Pants and modify it to make a durable, semi technical pair of pants, in oil skin, for use is cold, wet and sometimes snowy environments?

Let's see! To be continued...

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