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Nigel Cabourn's The Fisherman

We'd like to pay our respects to Nigel Cabourn's work, who we discovered earlier this year when searching for current makers of old school outdoors wear. Cabourn is nostalgically recreating early 20th Century outerwear. Thanks to Cabourn we can get an insight on the classic designs of last century, and an idea of what they look like in colour, and use that to think about our own designs. In many cases, it's simply hard to improve what is already perfect. That's the thing about a classic.

Cactus - the original inspiration

The mighty Cactus Dreadnoughts
Back when we lived in Dunedin, New Zealand, we discovered Cactus Climbing Equipment. They're making high quality gear for the outdoors, and especially famous are their heavy duty pants, the Dreadnoughts.

When we saw the Dreadnoughts for the first time we were blown away. At last we had found a maker that was willing to take all that light weight, unbreathable glow pink plastic, and throw it off the bus. They're bringing us super heavy duty, mostly natural fibre, 12 ounce canvas pants! As their saying goes, made to wear in, not out.

We really needed this find. Someone else out there was thinking the way we think. Strong, durable, natural, socially wearable, outdoors clothing.

We want to take it further though. We want to experiment with oilskin, felt, wool, silk, cotton, canvas, feathers, linen, leather.. you catching our drift? No plastic. We want to design things that are just as durable, while still performing the way people expect their gear to perform. And we want our gear to be easy to repair, modify and recreate.

So thank-you Cactus, for releasing us out into the world. We hope there's room for the both of us, and that we can offer you some inspiration to keep moving on.

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